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i need to start LJing again,,,, its been MONTHS!
um,,, tonight was my 6th krav maga lesson, im loving it but it does occasionally kick my ass,,, literally,,,

um, saw robots 3 with some friends all late last nigght ((29JUNE11, technically 30JUNE as it was a midnight showing) SEMANTICS SHMEMANTICS

will try to post more often

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new listening: (this was due to my mood 06OCT2010)
♫happiness is overrated♫ - the airborne toxic event
♫hang me up to dry♫ - cold war kids
♫hearts on fire♫ - cut/copy
♫i aint sayin my goodbyes♫ - tom vek
♫leather♫ - death in vegas

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Current Music: ♫cupids chokehold♫ - gym-class heroes - for the first time in like a year

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-me and jerell had margaritas which, thanks to our braveness had 3 times the tequila and half the strawberry goo,,, yum

-on my way home from work i was convinced that since i had stayed up til 04:00 the'night' before that i would fall asleep instantly if i even LOOKED at my bed, instead i did tons of errands, went to the gym, mario kart and said margaritas with jerell and here i am posting at like 12:40-ish,,, fun!

-can beer freeze? i should invent beer popsicles! PATENT PENDING PATENT PENDING!

-cora and aba caught me a katydid, which is bad ass cause i need on of those for my bug collection,,, bzzzzt

-im posting AGAIN! shock i know!

-jemb let me do 2 of her math problems,,, g-d i miss homework,,, damn something is wrong with me,,,

-also since my WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back post, ive seriously gained back like 25lbs and am back to fat ol' 251.6,,, FART! im workin on it, but its tough,,,

-dont you hate it when you go to throw something away only to find that someone was curteous and took out the bag from the can,,, only to SUCK HORRIBLY by not having put a new one in,,, and dont these LJ ads kinda get old quick?,,, and whats the deal with airline food? why is it the cliched non-funny joke line?

-i wasnt kidding when i said i want to be invited to parties and such, of course it MIGHT help if i had READERS,,, but i digest

-ive really been wanting to watch 'tank girl' recently,,,

People should listen to these 5 songs:
-♫wonderful life♫ - hurt
-♫laredo♫ - band of horses
-♫plug in baby♫ - muse
-♫moving to new york♫ - the wombats
-♫crystalized♫ - the XX

-now im gonna make that a regular feature, the 'listen-to-this' area for like 5 songs or so each post, im sure ill have repeats but theyll all be nuggets of music-gold (as long as our taste clouds converge)

and, since i NEED a pic-a-post here's the 10-tails beast's eye

GO NARUTO GO!,,, lame

way to go out on a high note,,,,,

ps - i LIKE the manga, thank you very much!

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so,,, im still getting used to my new camera (Pentax K-x),,, will post pics soon

coping with having expenses and slaving to my credit card debt,,,

im bored lately, i wanna be invited places, and to hang out with people,,,

this is first time in a long time that im posting, i really miss it -> i havent given up journaling tho! i write in my soft-cover moleskine (best moleskine for constricting ass jeans) every workday and i try to put little diagrams and shit in there too,,, ill post pages too,,, i was actually thinking of making a blog where the entries are my scanned-in pages,,, i think that would be cool, all analogue in a world of digital,,,

damn twitter, making me forget about LJ, but i digest,,,

i need Jager-Bomb friends! almost everyone i know is all,,, 'jager?!?!? uuuugh!!!' ,,,, PUSSIES!

so, hey its a post!

and just for fun, heres a riDICKulous pic i took on my phone of some pir8'd albums i burned for ambidextrous87

this is really weird cause i NEVER draw shit like that or do things of that nature but i did,,, i dont know,,, weird huh?

end transmission,,,

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so, i havent posted in centuries,,, heres a quasi-chronological list of things that have occurred:

lost about 35lbs

discovered twitter
Twitter logo
(hence my lack of posts)

cleaned my room


got a job at masterplan again


room is messy again


went to see little boots w/ chavafer

♫,,,every little earthquake,,,♫

creepy stalker-girl

turned out to be less creepy (marginally)


car was stolen

gained back most of the weight i lost

went to see Pat Benatar/REO Speedwagon @ the Greek

woo! (pat benatar was good,,,)

bought Lou (my jeep)

mom stopped smoking


almost went out on a date date with this girl
(didnt work out,,, yet?)

um,,, some other stuff happened too but a post is a post is a pole with a sign attached,,,,

thanks and goodnight

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ive been working on a gingerbread house for the past 2 weekends, heres a link for the pictures that will be updated as i finish,,, http://www.flickr.com/photos/mnnrm/sets/72157622924335103/

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so, after 10000 years i finally joined the rest of the modern world and got a new cellphone, the motorola cliq,,,
fun fun

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__ \_\ \ \_\ \/\_\ __
/'__`\ /'_` \ /'_` \/\ \ /'__`\
/\ __//\ \L\ \/\ \L\ \ \ \/\ __/
\ \____\ \___,_\ \___,_\ \_\ \____\
\/____/\/__,_ /\/__,_ /\/_/\/____/

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i drew samus,,, and critiqued myself,,, hidden in the margins,,,

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"the reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man." - George Bernard Shaw

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