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figuring shit out - mnnrm
figuring shit out
so,,, im still getting used to my new camera (Pentax K-x),,, will post pics soon

coping with having expenses and slaving to my credit card debt,,,

im bored lately, i wanna be invited places, and to hang out with people,,,

this is first time in a long time that im posting, i really miss it -> i havent given up journaling tho! i write in my soft-cover moleskine (best moleskine for constricting ass jeans) every workday and i try to put little diagrams and shit in there too,,, ill post pages too,,, i was actually thinking of making a blog where the entries are my scanned-in pages,,, i think that would be cool, all analogue in a world of digital,,,

damn twitter, making me forget about LJ, but i digest,,,

i need Jager-Bomb friends! almost everyone i know is all,,, 'jager?!?!? uuuugh!!!' ,,,, PUSSIES!

so, hey its a post!

and just for fun, heres a riDICKulous pic i took on my phone of some pir8'd albums i burned for ambidextrous87

this is really weird cause i NEVER draw shit like that or do things of that nature but i did,,, i dont know,,, weird huh?

end transmission,,,

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