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4 June 1986
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i'll write things here in random order as they come to me:

-i find it hard (and usually LOATHE) writing about myself,yea, whatever, i don't care anymore
-i LOVE music
-i have a little brother named arik who is prolly my best friend and whom i care about a lot and also whom i still call my 'little brother' (tho he may object) despite him already being 19 20 and me not being much older than him
->i remeber how old he is and use that number plus 2 when i am asked how old i am, im still in shock that im even half as old as i apparently am (which isnt even all that old),,,
-im a jew (in the orthodox category) and try to live life as religiously as i am currently comfortable with
->tho i constantly teeter in either direction (secular or religious)
-i dont like being too clean
->i find mild dirtiness gives off a sense of accomplishment
->dont get me wrong, i still bathe at least once a day (except when we go camping where swimming = a shower/bath) and wear clean underwear
-family is among the most, if not the most, important thing to me
-i usually dont like people but, if youre lucky enuff for me to know/like you, ill be the most loyal person you can count on for ANYTHING
-i misspell certain things on purpose
->usually for easiness/laziness, but occassionally because i genuinely dont know how to spell them
->usually only online and, not consistantly
->enuff = enough, prolly = pro-bab-ly (sp?), tho = though, ,,, = ... (ellipsis), genious (sp?), spelt = spelled, and more
-i use 'etc.' too often but i dont intend to stop
-i think calling someone a rhombus is pretty harsh
->if youre a rhombus youre a square and a pushover
-i sometimes feel like im a loser or that im worthless (mostly just angst) but i know that secretly im better than all of you put together
-i almost always trust my gut feelings and go with hunches
-this is a bit personal but: im constantly compiling lists in my head of people i feel shaped me into what i am today so i can thank you all if when i get famous in some way/publish something
-i constantly come up with complex, convoluted explanations for things that i dont always believe myself, but gladly dish out by the scoopful to all those willing to listen
-i keep a small, ruled moleskine (and, strangely enough, folded, loose-leaf papers that i tear out of binders) in my pocket to frantically jot down ideas that i get often and at occasionally inconvenient times (like driving)
->ive found that if i dont write them i tend to forget the more interesting, embellishing details and am unhappy with whats left
-i live by a strict code that i have developed for myself (ill post a journal entry about it, soon hopefully)
- i have a BS in BULLSHIT-OLOGY and exploit it almost obscenely to my advantage (mainly for writing essays and such)
-i think 'and such' and 'as of late' are stupendous phrases
-i, like dr. nick in the simpsons, have a hard time grasping why (or even if) inflammable means flammable
-thanks to LJ i can do tiny bits of html coding and feel incredibly more proud of myself than i should
-im bad at keeping in touch with people but not because i dont like them/dont care
-i dont capitalize 'i' and use ' instead of " almost always!
-when im already making a bunch of !!!'s i like to write a few 111's afterwards even when i write by hand (not typing)
->this is possibly an artifact of the Computer Age™
-i like to play guitar (thanks to jump_they_say), tho i dont play as often as i should or would like to (mainly due to laziness and distrac-- oooh, tv)
-i like languages A LOT
->i speak fluent hebrew (born in israel), english (lived in CA,USA since 1991) and semi-fluent spanish (again, lived in CA, USA since 1991 ☺), ive also taken 3 years of japanese (which isnt as hard as youd think but the nuances and idiosyncracies are really tough to get when you arent a native, not that its impossible)
-for the longest time i let myself believe my friends and family when they told me i was a good student and was thusly shocked and dissappointed to the core when i didnt get into the college i wanted to go to but have since let it slide and continue to procrastinate, ditch classes and score relatively well
-i really like it in family guy when brian (the dog) has those moments when he actually acts like a dog
-im part of at least 2 not-so-real bands
-> SPRM (with michael and laura)
-> LEFT<- (with arik and josh?)
-i am a bio major in my LAST semester at CSUN (i hope!) (still got summer school!) apparently not! im staying for yet ANOTHER semester!!!1 FUCK! anxiously waiting for my expensive piece of paper (diploma) to arrive at my doorstep,,,
-i have a BA in biology!!!1
-i have nothing to hide


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-i still keep my childlike wonder in life by knowing that i still have so much more to see and do,,,

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dont let the above map fool you, im still yet to complete the "seeing of the US"

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